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Route 925 - East Hills to Lidcombe Via Condell Park (Limited Service to Bankstown, Lidcombe Hospital)

1. Park Rd opp East Hills Station, East Hills  [Street view]
2. Park Rd near Forrest Rd, East Hills  [Street view]
3. Park Rd near Cheatle St, East Hills  [Street view]
4. Park Rd near Enearight St, East Hills  [Street view]
5. Park Rd near Childs St, East Hills  [Street view]
6. East Hills Station, Park Rd, East Hills  [Street view]
7. East Hills Station, Maclaurin St, East Hills  [Street view]
8. Broe Av at Forest Rd, East Hills  [Street view]
9. Lehn Rd at Harcourt Av, East Hills  [Street view]
10. Lehn Rd before Lucas Rd, East Hills  [Street view]
11. East Hills High School, East Hills  [Street view]
12. Braesmere Rd opp Panania Station, Panania  [Street view]
13. Anderson St near Horsley Rd, Panania  [Street view]
14. Queen St near Bransgrove Rd, Revesby  [Street view]
15. Queen St near Beaconsfield St, Revesby  [Street view]
16. Queen St near Carrington St, Revesby  [Street view]
17. Queen St near Gordon Parker St, Revesby  [Street view]
18. Queen St near Edgar St, Revesby  [Street view]
19. Artegall St near Bankstown Hospital, Bankstown  [Street view]
20. Bankstown - Lidcombe Hospital, Bankstown  [Street view]
21. Bankstown Hospital Eldridge Rd Eldridge Rd, Bankstown  [Street view]
22. Eldridge Rd near Olive St, Condell Park  [Street view]
23. Eldridge Rd near Willfox St, Condell Park  [Street view]
24. Envirowash Eldridge Rd near Edgar St, Condell Park  [Street view]
25. Bankstown Eldridge Rd near Prosper St, Condell Park  [Street view]
26. Deverall Ethel St near Yanderra St, Condell Park  [Street view]
27. Yanderra St near Sixth Av, Condell Park  [Street view]
28. Deverall Park Netball Courts Yanderra St, Condell Park  [Street view]
29. Fourth Av near Yanderra St, Condell Park  [Street view]
30. Fourth Av near Second Av, Condell Park  [Street view]
31. Yanderra St near Railway Pde, Condell Park  [Street view]
32. Manahan St near Townsend St, Condell Park  [Street view]
33. Townsend St near Leemon St, Condell Park  [Street view]
34. Townsend St near Mitchell St, Condell Park  [Street view]
35. Townsend St near Lee St, Condell Park  [Street view]
36. Townsend St near Simmat Av, Condell Park  [Street view]
37. Condell Park Shops Lancelot St, Condell Park  [Street view]
38. Lancelot St near Taylor St, Condell Park  [Street view]
39. Obrien Park Lancelot St near Cragg St, Condell Park  [Street view]
40. Condell Park Bible School Lancelot St, Condell Park  [Street view]
41. Lancelot St and Market St, Condell Park  [Street view]
42. Lancelot St near Clarence St, Condell Park  [Street view]
43. Pringle Av near Chertsey Av, Bankstown  [Street view]
44. Chertsey Av near Oxford Av, Bankstown  [Street view]
45. Chertsey Av near Northam Av, Bankstown  [Street view]
46. Chapel Rd near Brandon Av, Bankstown  [Street view]
47. Greenfield Pde near Chapel Rd, Bankstown  [Street view]
48. Bankstown Interchange - Stand E, Bankstown  [Street view]
49. Centro Bankstown, Stand 2, Bankstown  [Street view]
50. Aldi Store Chapel Rd North, Bankstown  [Street view]
51. Bankstown College Chapel Rd North, Bankstown  [Street view]
52. La Salle College Bankstown Chapel Rd North, Bankstown  [Street view]
53. Catholic Church Chapel Rd North, Bankstown  [Street view]
54. Hume Hwy near Chapel Rd N, Bankstown  [Street view]
55. North Bankstown Public School Hume Hwy, Bankstown  [Street view]
56. Hume Highway near Anzac St, Greenacre  [Street view]
57. Hume Hwy near Highview Av, Greenacre  [Street view]
58. Hume Hwy front transmission tower, Greenacre  [Street view]
59. Muir Rd outside Franklins, Greenacre  [Street view]
60. Muir Road South Side near Hume Highway, Chullora  [Street view]
61. Muir Rd Opp News Ltd, Chullora  [Street view]
62. Muir Rd near Rec Cntr, Chullora  [Street view]
63. Rspca Rookwood Rd, Chullora  [Street view]
64. Rookwood Rd near Lewis St, Potts Hill  [Street view]
65. Rookwood Rd near Joseph St, Regents Park  [Street view]
66. Joseph St near Cutcliffe Av, Regents Park  [Street view]
67. Joseph St near Amy St, Berala  [Street view]
68. Multiple Sclerosis Centre Ferguson Lodge Joseph, Berala  [Street view]
69. Botanica Estate (Botanica Dr), Lidcombe  [Street view]
70. Coleman Park Joseph St near Georges Av, Lidcombe  [Street view]
71. Georges Av and Joseph St, Lidcombe  [Street view]
72. Georges Av near Wayland Av, Lidcombe  [Street view]
73. Georges Av near East St, Lidcombe  [Street view]
74. Salvation Army Centre Mcvicars La, Lidcombe  [Street view]
75. Bridge St at New St E, Lidcombe  [Street view]
76. Lidcombe Station, Railway St, Lidcombe  [Street view]

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