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Route 923 - Panania to Bankstown via Revesby and Picnic Point

1. Picnic Point Boat Ramp Carinya Rd, Picnic Point  [Street view]
2. Picnic Point Top Henry Lawson Dr, Picnic Point  [Street view]
3. Henry Lawson Dr near Sylvan Gr, Picnic Point  [Street view]
4. Picnic Point Rd near Doris St, Picnic Point  [Street view]
5. Picnic Point Rd and Burns Rd, Picnic Point  [Street view]
6. Picnic Point Rd near Donald St, Picnic Point  [Street view]
7. Panania Public School Picnic Point Rd, Panania  [Street view]
8. Picnic Point Rd near Douglas St, Panania  [Street view]
9. Picnic Point Rd near Brunton St, Panania  [Street view]
10. Picnic Point Rd near Tompson Rd, Panania  [Street view]
11. Tower St Shops Tower St, Panania  [Street view]
12. Panania Station, Anderson Av, Panania  [Street view]
13. Panania Girl Guides Weston St, Panania  [Street view]
14. Salvation Army and Tower St, Panania  [Street view]
15. Picnic Point Pre-School, Picnic Point Rd, Picnic Point  [Street view]
16. Picnic Point Rd at Samoa Av, Picnic Point  [Street view]
17. Henry Lawson Dr near Picnic Point Rd, Picnic Point  [Street view]
18. Burns Rd near Ramsay Rd, Picnic Point  [Street view]
19. Burns Rd near Victor Av, Picnic Point  [Street view]
20. Burns Rd near Kennedy St, Picnic Point  [Street view]
21. Kennedy St near Prince St, Picnic Point  [Street view]
22. Kennedy St near Strethan Av, Picnic Point  [Street view]
23. Picnic Point High School Kennedy St, Picnic Point  [Street view]
24. Ferndale Rd near Kennedy St, Revesby  [Street view]
25. Ferndale Rd near Kineaross Pl, Revesby  [Street view]
26. Ferndale Rd near Clive St, Revesby  [Street view]
27. Ferndale Rd near The River Rd, Revesby  [Street view]
28. Revesby South Public School The River Rd, Revesby  [Street view]
29. The River Rd near Tower St, Revesby  [Street view]
30. The River Rd near Weston St, Revesby  [Street view]
31. Revesby Station, Marco Av, Revesby  [Street view]
32. Polo St near Iluka, Revesby  [Street view]
33. Bransgrove Rd near Simmons St, Revesby  [Street view]
34. Bransgrove Rd near The River Rd, Revesby  [Street view]
35. St Lukes Primary School The River Rd, Revesby  [Street view]
36. The River Rd near Carrington St, Revesby  [Street view]
37. Mcdonalds The River Rd near Turvey St, Revesby  [Street view]
38. Mobil Service Station Canterbury Rd, Revesby  [Street view]
39. Canterbury Rd near Lachlan St, Revesby  [Street view]
40. Canterbury Rd near Claribel St, Bankstown  [Street view]
41. Sir Joseph Banks High School Turvey St, Revesby  [Street view]
42. Turvey St near Mackenzie St, Revesby  [Street view]
43. Turvey St near Snowsill Av, Revesby  [Street view]
44. Sydney Water Gibson Av near Turvey St, Padstow  [Street view]
45. Gibson Av near Stiles Av, Padstow  [Street view]
46. Gibson Av near Napoli St, Padstow  [Street view]
47. Chapel Rd near Eldridge Rd, Bankstown  [Street view]
48. Chapel Rd near Irvine St, Bankstown  [Street view]
49. Chapel Rd near High St, Bankstown  [Street view]
50. Chapel Rd at Shenton Av, Bankstown  [Street view]
51. Chapel Rd near White Av, Bankstown  [Street view]
52. Chapel Rd near Dudley Av, Bankstown  [Street view]
53. Macauley Av near Chapel Rd S, Bankstown  [Street view]
54. Restwell St after Macauley Av, Bankstown  [Street view]
55. Restwell St before McDonald La, Bankstown  [Street view]
56. Bankstown Interchange - Stand F, Bankstown  [Street view]
57. Centro Bankstown, Stand 4, Bankstown  [Street view]

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