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Route 546 - Epping Station/North Rocks to Parramatta

1. Beecroft Rd near Epping Station, Epping  [Street view]
2. Ray Rd near Rosen St, Epping  [Street view]
3. Ray Rd near Fernhill Av, Epping  [Street view]
4. Ray Rd opp Dunmore Rd, Epping  [Street view]
5. Ray Rd opp Romford Rd, Epping  [Street view]
6. Ray Rd near Kent St, Epping  [Street view]
7. Ray Rd near Cooke Way, Epping  [Street view]
8. Ray Rd near Midson Rd, Epping  [Street view]
9. Ray Rd near Mountain St, Epping  [Street view]
10. Ray Rd near Downing St, Epping  [Street view]
11. Ray Rd near Willow Cl, Epping  [Street view]
12. Ray Rd near Pennant Pde, Epping  [Street view]
13. Dunrossil Av after Pennant Pde, Epping  [Street view]
14. Dunrossil Av near Patterson St, Carlingford  [Street view]
15. Carlingford Shopping Centre, Pennant Hills Rd, Carlingford  [Street view]
16. Pennant Hills Rd before Evans Rd, Carlingford  [Street view]
17. Pennant Hills Rd after Coleman Av, Carlingford  [Street view]
18. Jenkins Rd near Pennant Hills Rd, Carlingford  [Street view]
19. Jenkins Rd before Post Office St, Carlingford  [Street view]
20. Jenkins Rd before Moseley St, Carlingford  [Street view]
21. Jenkins Rd after Baker St, Carlingford  [Street view]
22. Parkland Rd opp Wyburn Av, Carlingford  [Street view]
23. Lindisfarne Av near Parkland Rd, Carlingford  [Street view]
24. Farnell Av near Citrus Gr, Carlingford  [Street view]
25. Farnell Av near Balaka Dr, Carlingford  [Street view]
26. Balaka Dr near John Wearn Reserve, Carlingford  [Street view]
27. Balaka Dr 230m W of Rosewood Av, Carlingford  [Street view]
28. Balaka Dr near Hibiscus Av, Carlingford  [Street view]
29. Paragon Dr near McDonald St, North Rocks  [Street view]
30. McDonald St near Becky Av, North Rocks  [Street view]
31. New North Rocks Rd before Leysdown Av, North Rocks  [Street view]
32. Westfields, North Rocks Rd, North Rocks  [Street view]
33. North Rocks Rd at Lawndale Av, North Rocks  [Street view]
34. North Rocks Rd after Pembury Av, North Rocks  [Street view]
35. North Rocks Rd before Watts St, North Rocks  [Street view]
36. North Rocks Rd after Watts St, North Rocks  [Street view]
37. Christ of Kings School, Stratham Av, North Rocks  [Street view]
38. 26 Stratham Av, North Rocks  [Street view]
39. 38 Stratham St, North Rocks  [Street view]
40. Bettington Rd after Yarralumla Dr, Carlingford  [Street view]
41. Kingsdene Shops, Bettington Rd, Carlingford  [Street view]
42. Bettington Rd at Windsor Av, Carlingford  [Street view]
43. Cumberland High School, Dunmore Av, Carlingford  [Street view]
44. Baker St after Dunmore Av, Carlingford  [Street view]
45. Baker St after Felton Rd, Carlingford  [Street view]
46. Opp James Ruse High School, Baker St, Carlingford  [Street view]
47. Baker St opp Lynch Cl, Carlingford  [Street view]
48. Moseley St at Baker St, Carlingford  [Street view]
49. Jenkins Rd after Moseley St, Carlingford  [Street view]
50. Jenkins Rd before James St, Carlingford  [Street view]
51. Pennant Hills Rd at Charles St, Carlingford  [Street view]
52. Pennant Hills Rd after Martins La, Carlingford  [Street view]
53. Pennant Hills Rd before Tintern Av, Carlingford  [Street view]
54. Pennant Hills Rd after Tintern Av, Carlingford  [Street view]
55. Pennant Hills Rd opp Westminster Av, Oatlands  [Street view]
56. Sydney Bible Baptist College, Pennant Hills Rd, Oatlands  [Street view]
57. Bettington Rd near Nioka Cl, Oatlands  [Street view]
58. Bettington Rd near York St, Oatlands  [Street view]
59. Bettington Rd near Lind Av, Oatlands  [Street view]
60. Belmore Rd near Bettington Rd, Oatlands  [Street view]
61. Belmore St near Prince St, Oatlands  [Street view]
62. Belmore St near Gollan Av, Oatlands  [Street view]
63. Webb St near Belmore St, North Parramatta  [Street view]
64. Webb St near Murray St, North Parramatta  [Street view]
65. Isabella St near Webb St, North Parramatta  [Street view]
66. Isabella St near Brabyn St, North Parramatta  [Street view]
67. Isabella St opp Waugh Av, North Parramatta  [Street view]
68. Isabella St near Brickfield St, North Parramatta  [Street view]
69. Brickfield St near Albert St, North Parramatta  [Street view]
70. Brickfield St near Fennell St, North Parramatta  [Street view]
71. Grose St near Sorrell St, North Parramatta  [Street view]
72. Smith St after Phillip St, Parramatta  [Street view]
73. Marist Pl near Victoria Rd, Parramatta  [Street view]
74. Smith St after George St, Parramatta  [Street view]
75. Parramatta Interchange - Stand B3, Parramatta  [Street view]

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