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Route 440 - City to Rozelle

1. Circular Quay Stand C, Sydney  [Street view]
2. George St opp Essex St, Sydney  [Street view]
3. Harrington St near Grosvenor St, The Rocks  [Street view]
4. George St opp Wynyard, Sydney  [Street view]
5. George St near Hunter St, Sydney  [Street view]
6. George St near Strand Arcade, Sydney  [Street view]
7. George St before Bathurst St, Sydney  [Street view]
8. George St near Liverpool St, Sydney  [Street view]
9. George St before Campbell St, Haymarket  [Street view]
10. George St near Barlow St, Haymarket  [Street view]
11. Railway Square, George St - Stand D, Sydney  [Street view]
12. Broadway at Buckland St, Chippendale  [Street view]
13. Broadway after City Rd, Camperdown  [Street view]
14. Parramatta Rd near University Av, Camperdown  [Street view]
15. Parramatta Rd near Footbridge, Camperdown  [Street view]
16. Parramatta Rd near Ross St, Camperdown  [Street view]
17. Parramatta Rd opp Larkin St, Camperdown  [Street view]
18. Parramatta Rd at Missenden Rd, Camperdown  [Street view]
19. Parramatta Rd near Mallett St, Camperdown  [Street view]
20. Parramatta Rd near Denison St, Camperdown  [Street view]
21. Parramatta Rd near Bridge Rd, Stanmore  [Street view]
22. Parramatta Rd near Northumberland Av, Stanmore  [Street view]
23. Parramatta Rd near Cannon St, Stanmore  [Street view]
24. Parramatta Rd after Phillip St, Petersham  [Street view]
25. Norton St near Parramatta Rd, Leichhardt  [Street view]
26. Norton St near Norton Plaza, Leichhardt  [Street view]
27. Norton St near Marion St, Leichhardt  [Street view]
28. Norton St near Carisle St, Leichhardt  [Street view]
29. Norton St near Allen St, Leichhardt  [Street view]
30. Norton St near William St, Leichhardt  [Street view]
31. Norton St near City-West Link, Lilyfield  [Street view]
32. Perry St near Mary St, Lilyfield  [Street view]
33. Perry St near Glover St, Lilyfield  [Street view]
34. Balmain Rd near Wharf Rd, Lilyfield  [Street view]
35. Balmain Rd near May St, Lilyfield  [Street view]
36. Balmain Rd near Grove St, Lilyfield  [Street view]
37. Balmain Rd near Cecily St, Lilyfield  [Street view]
38. Darling St near Waterloo St, Rozelle  [Street view]

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