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Route 370 - Coogee to MarketPlace Leichhardt via Newtown

1. Arden St near Coogee Beach, Coogee  [Street view]
2. Coogee Bay Rd near Byron St, Coogee  [Street view]
3. Coogee Bay Rd near Dudley St, Randwick  [Street view]
4. Coogee Bay Rd near Perouse Rd, Randwick  [Street view]
5. High St near Prince of Wales Hospital, Randwick  [Street view]
6. High St near Gate 9 UNSW, Randwick  [Street view]
7. High St near Anzac Pde, Randwick  [Street view]
8. Anzac Pde opp High St, Kensington  [Street view]
9. Anzac Pde near Addison St, Kensington  [Street view]
10. Todman Av near Anzac Pde, Kensington  [Street view]
11. Todman Av near Balfour St, Kensington  [Street view]
12. Lenthall St near Milroy Av, Kensington  [Street view]
13. Lenthall St near Virginia St, Kensington  [Street view]
14. Epsom Rd opp Link Rd, Rosebery  [Street view]
15. Epsom Rd near Rosebery Av, Rosebery  [Street view]
16. Epsom Rd near Dunning Av, Rosebery  [Street view]
17. Botany Rd near Johnson St, Alexandria  [Street view]
18. Botany Rd near O'Riordan St, Alexandria  [Street view]
19. Botany Rd near Mandible St, Alexandria  [Street view]
20. McEvoy St near Botany Rd, Alexandria  [Street view]
21. McEvoy St near Hiles St, Alexandria  [Street view]
22. McEvoy St near Stokes Av, Alexandria  [Street view]
23. McEvoy St near Bowden St, Alexandria  [Street view]
24. Euston Rd near Maddox St, Alexandria  [Street view]
25. Euston Rd near Sydney Park Rd, Alexandria  [Street view]
26. Sydney Park Rd near Alan Davidson Oval, Alexandria  [Street view]
27. King St after Lord St, Newtown  [Street view]
28. King St near Dickson St, Newtown  [Street view]
29. King St near Camden St, Newtown  [Street view]
30. King St near Holt St, Newtown  [Street view]
31. King St at Enmore Rd, Newtown  [Street view]
32. King St near Horden St, Newtown  [Street view]
33. King St near Missenden Rd, Newtown  [Street view]
34. King St near Georgina St, Newtown  [Street view]
35. King St near Carillon Av, Newtown  [Street view]
36. City Rd near Butlin Av, Camperdown  [Street view]
37. City Rd near Myrtle St, Camperdown  [Street view]
38. Glebe Point Rd near Parramatta Rd, Glebe  [Street view]
39. Glebe Point near Derby Pl, Glebe  [Street view]
40. Glebe Point Rd near Mitchell St, Glebe  [Street view]
41. Glebe Point Rd near St Johns Rd, Glebe  [Street view]
42. Glebe Point Rd near Bridge Rd, Glebe  [Street view]
43. Glebe Point Rd near Hereford St, Glebe  [Street view]
44. Glebe Point Rd near Wigram Rd, Glebe  [Street view]
45. Wigram Rd near Mansfield St, Glebe  [Street view]
46. Minogue Cr near Wigram Rd, Forest Lodge  [Street view]
47. Minogue Cr near The Crescent, Forest Lodge  [Street view]
48. Minogue Cr near Lewis Hoad Reserve, Forest Lodge  [Street view]
49. Booth St near Nelson St, Annandale  [Street view]
50. Booth St near Johnston St, Annandale  [Street view]
51. Booth St near Young St, Annandale  [Street view]
52. Moore St near Catherine St, Leichhardt  [Street view]
53. Balmain Rd near Hill St, Leichhardt  [Street view]
54. Balmain Rd near Stanley St, Leichhardt  [Street view]
55. Marion St near Norton St, Leichhardt  [Street view]
56. Marion St near Elswick St, Leichhardt  [Street view]
57. Marion St near Flood St, Leichhardt  [Street view]
58. Lords Rd near Flood St, Leichhardt  [Street view]

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