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Park Orchards Median Price
The House price is 4% higher than last year.
Surrounding suburbs
Ringwood North$928,600
Warrandyte South$1,546,300
Park Orchards Median Rent
The House rent is 2% lower than last year.
Park Orchards property sold price
Park Orchards 3114 Profile
XPlannings near "7 Yeoman Court, Park Orchards"
A8 Yeoman Court
04 Dec 1990
TENNIS CRT LTG. Estimated Cost: $3000
07 Mar 2013
Addition of a double carport and associated earthworks. Estimated Cost: $35000
17 Nov 2015
Alterations and Additions. Estimated Cost: $65000
Distance: 39 meters
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B6 Yeoman Court
22 Aug 2007
Removal of two native trees and lopping of four native trees
03 Oct 2008
The use and development of the land, including vegetation removal, for an illuminated tennis court. Estimated Cost: $60000
Distance: 50 meters
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C5 Yeoman Court
02 Nov 1988
12 Mar 2004
Alterations and additions to dwelling including construction of the garage on property boundary, vegetation removal and earthworks in accordance with the endorsed plans. Estimated Cost: $150000
25 Sep 2013
Removal of one (1) tree and earthworks associated with the construction of a garage. Estimated Cost: $250000
Distance: 69 meters
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D9 Yeoman Court
15 Nov 2004
Remove 10 trees and lop 8 trees
Distance: 85 meters
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E10 Yeoman Court
17 Feb 2003
Vegetation removal
Distance: 125 meters
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F2 Yeoman Court
25 Jun 2004
Vegetation Removal
Distance: 132 meters
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G14 Iolanthe Close
12 Sep 2013
Alterations and additions to the existing dwelling comprising of a garage and gym and the removal of vegetation comprising of two (2) native trees. Estimated Cost: $250000
Distance: 158 meters
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H10 Falconer Road
29 Jun 2015
Alterations and Additions to the existing dwelling. Estimated Cost: $15000
04 Jan 2016
Alterations and Additions to an Existing Dwelling. Estimated Cost: $150000
Distance: 129 meters
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I13 Iolanthe Close
14 Nov 2003
Alterations and additions to dwelling and earthworks in association with the construction of a swimming pool.. Estimated Cost: $100000
Distance: 192 meters
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J6 Falconer Road
13 Sep 2005
Buildings and works associated with the construction of a dwelling, swimming pool and garage. Estimated Cost: $400000
Distance: 170 meters
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