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South Melbourne Median Price
The House price is 9% higher than last year.
Surrounding suburbs
Albert Park$2,214,600
Port Melbourne$1,534,500
South Melbourne Median Rent
The Unit rent is 7% lower than last year.
South Melbourne property sold price
South Melbourne 3205 Profile
XPlannings near "7 Little Tribe Street, South Melbourne"
A7 Little Tribe Street
02 Aug 2007
PS 542724G (section32). Two lot subdivision of an existing dual occupancy development.
Distance: 0 meters
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B5 Little Tribe Street
20 Dec 2002
Demolition of rear section of house and alterations and additions including the construction of a 1st floor extension.
Distance: 6 meters
Map | Street view
C11 Little Tribe Street
13 Apr 2004
Buildings and works to existing building, including new balcony and doors to front facade at upper level, second storey addition to rear, new deck to courtyard, new gate to rear, and new doors to rear facade
Distance: 12 meters
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D15 Little Tribe Street
09 Nov 2012
buildings and works comprising the construction of a vernadah over the existing balcony
Distance: 24 meters
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E34 Glover Street
15 Dec 2010
external painting to the facade of the dwelling and the front fence
05 Sep 2011
partial demolition, alterations and additions to existing dwelling including a first floor addition
Distance: 37 meters
Map | Street view
F12 Little Tribe Street
29 Dec 2005
partial demolition and alterations and additions to the existing dwelling including the construction of a first floor addition to the rear
20 Nov 2019
Alterations to existing residence
Distance: 27 meters
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G1/40 Glover Street
12 Feb 2004
Retrospective approval for the installation of four air-conditioners in total located on the roof of Unit 1 and Unit 2, 40 Glover Street
Distance: 28 meters
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H40 Glover Street
06 Dec 2001
Demolition of the existing building and development of two double storey dwellings
13 Mar 2003
Development of two double-storey dwellings at the rear of 40 Glover Street, facing Little Tribe Street.
31 Aug 2004
Development of garage/studios at the rear of 40-42 Glover Street, South Melbourne.
19 Jul 2005
PS542724G Four (4) lot subdivision of two existing double storey dwellings on lots 1 & 2 (facing Glover Street) and two new dwellings under construction on Lots 3 & 4 (facing Little Tribe Street).
17 Nov 2006
PS542724G Two (2) lot subdivision to re-align the boundary between two adjoining allotments .
09 Jul 2007
PS 542724G (section32). Two lot subdivision of an existing dual occupancy development.
Distance: 28 meters
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I20 Little Tribe Street
31 Jan 2012
installation of an air conditioning unit
Distance: 31 meters
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J32 Glover Street
23 Nov 2015
External painting
27 Aug 2019
Partial demolition of the dwelling, construction of buildings and works including construction of a two storey extension Amended to allow the following: - Corrections of heights
Distance: 41 meters
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