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XPlannings near "64 Moorhouse Street, O'Connor"
A39 Moorhouse Street
05 Jun 2015
MULTI DWELLING-DEMOLITION-2 NEW RESIDENCES-LEASE VARIATION. Proposed demolition of existing residence; construction of 2 new residences with detached studio and subdivision of block in two parcels. Please see application form for Lease Variation deta
Distance: 76 meters
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B3 Sargood Street
19 Aug 2012
LEASE VARIATION. Please see Development Application form for full details.
Distance: 140 meters
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C8 Burt Street
05 Jan 2010
MULTI DWELLING - LEASE VARIATION: Vary the Crown lease to permit two dwellings.
Distance: 142 meters
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D8 Macpherson Street
21 May 2010
LEASE VARIATION-CLAUSE CHANGES. Vary the purpose clause to permit indoor entertainment facility.
27 Sep 2012
COMMERCIAL - The proposed development is for the erection of shade structures on the adjoining road verge area to facilitate outdoor eating area to service the existing pub. The shade structures are made of steel frame, timber clading and demountable
27 Mar 2015
COMMERCIAL-DEMOLITION-ADDITIONS&ALTERATIONS. Proposed demolition of existing rear dining room; construction of new entry door; facade and dining room with terrace above. Operable roof above courtyard.
Distance: 136 meters
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E1 Sargood Street
15 Sep 2011
LEASE VARIATION. Please see application form for full details of the lease variation.
Distance: 135 meters
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F16 Pedder Street
24 Jun 2015
MULTI DWELLING-DEMOLITION-1 NEW DWELLING-GARAGE-CARPORT. Proposed demolition of existing residence and freestanding double garage. Construction of a two storey residence with attached garage to the front of the block and a single carport for the resi
Distance: 125 meters
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G8 Burt Street
27 Aug 2021
PROPOSAL FOR DUAL OCCUPANCY - demolition of the existing dwelling and construction of 2 new two storey dwellings, attached carports, swimming pools, reconstruction of existing verge crossing and construction of an additional verge crossing, landscapi
Distance: 146 meters
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H12 Pedder Street
04 Mar 2021
PROPOSAL FOR DUAL OCCUPANCY AND LEASE VARIATION - Demolition of existing dwelling, construction of 2 new single storey dwelling, attached garages new verge crossing, replacement of existing verge, landscaping and associated works. LEASE VARIATION to
Distance: 161 meters
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I1 Burt Street
24 Jan 2013
COMMUNITY FACILITY-ST PHILLIPS CHURCH-ADDITION-CARPARKING. Proposed addition of a prebuilt building which will provide additional meeting area andf storage space; addition 4 carparking paces which includes two (2) accessible carparks.
Distance: 137 meters
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J10 Lilley Street
03 Apr 2015
MULTI DWELLING-DEMOLITION. Proposed demolition of existing dwelling; construction of two x 2-storey attached 4 bedroom residences and construction of a new verge crossing.
Distance: 212 meters
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