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Lyneham Median Price
The House price is 10% higher than last year.
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Lyneham Median Rent
The House rent is 2% higher than last year.
Lyneham property sold price
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XPlannings near "5 Duterrau Crescent, Lyneham"
A85 Archibald Street
02 Mar 2016
LEASE VARIATION - Boundary Realignment - please see application for details.
Distance: 210 meters
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B268 Dryandra Street
23 Aug 2010
MULTI UNIT-ADDITION-ALTERATION-UNIT 1. Proposal is to enclose the existing courtyard and convert it to a new family room.
Distance: 284 meters
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C48 Archibald Street
25 May 2013
COMMUNITY FACILITY-ADDITIONS-ALTERATIONS -LEASE VARIATION-CONSOLIDATION. Proposed additions and alteration to an existing residential care facility including construction of additional residential units, associated driveway, parking, landscaping and
20 Jan 2017
PROPOSAL FOR ADDITIONS TO AGED CARE FACILITY - construction of new 14 bed wing to aged care facility to accommodate existing beds previously allocated for and relocated from adjacent wings and associated works.
Distance: 331 meters
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D264 Dryandra Street
31 Mar 2018
PROPOSAL FOR DUAL OCCUPANCY - Construction of 2 new single storey dwellings with attached garages, landscaping and associated works.
Distance: 369 meters
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E8 Baines Place
15 May 2018
PROPOSAL FOR A SECONDARY RESIDENCE AND ALTERATIONS AND ADDITIONS TO THE EXISTING DWELLING - Demolition of existing garage; New single storey dwelling in addition to the existing dwelling; Additional carport, alterations and additions to existing dwel
Distance: 400 meters
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F62 Fred Williams Crescent
19 Dec 2014
SINGLE RESIDENTIAL-ADDITIONS & ALTERATIONS-WALLS. Proposed constructions of courtyard walls and alterations to existing dual occupancy dwelling.
Distance: 432 meters
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G35 Fernyhough Crescent
16 Jul 2016
SECONDARY RESIDENCE-GARAGE. Proposed construction of a secondary residence and attached garage. Lease variation to permit secondary residence
Distance: 509 meters
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H40 Archibald Street
07 Jun 2014
COMMUNITY FACILITY-ADDITION-ALTERATION. Proposed additions and alterations to existing temple, college and library including associated site works.
Distance: 415 meters
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I32 Archibald Street
26 Oct 2011
LEASE VARIATION. Please see application form for full details of the lease variation.
Distance: 437 meters
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J38 Dorrit Black Crescent
03 Jul 2017
LEASE VARIATION to permit a maximum of 4 dwellings.
Distance: 453 meters
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