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Melbourne Median Price
The House price is 162% higher than last year.
Surrounding suburbs
Albert Park$2,148,700
East Melbourne$2,713,700
North Melbourne$1,144,400
South Melbourne$1,392,900
South Yarra$2,095,300
St Kilda$1,245,700
West Melbourne$1,184,600
Melbourne Median Rent
The House rent is 7% higher than last year.
Melbourne property sold price
Melbourne 3000 Profile
XPlannings near "4807L/639 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne"
A617-639 Lonsdale Street
31 Aug 2016
Proposed change of use to permit sale of liquor
Distance: 0 meters
Map | Street view
B639 Lonsdale Street
29 Oct 2013
Stage 3 of Upper West Side Development encompassing tower 2 and podium precinct beneath
Distance: 12 meters
Map | Street view
C6/617 Lonsdale Street
19 Oct 2014
Procedural plan to subdivide lot S6 into two lots; lot S7 (to be reserved for further development a
Distance: 27 meters
Map | Street view
D617-649 Lonsdale Street
11 Mar 2011
To install 2 flags at the entrance of hoarding to display marketing times, i.e. Daily 11.00am to 4.00pm
24 Jan 2012
Application is to divide the site into three \
24 Oct 2012
Stage 1 plan of subdivision for Upper West Side development relating to podium and lower levels of tower1.
Distance: 27 meters
Map | Street view
ES7/617 Lonsdale Street
20 Jan 2016
Subdivision of Upper West Side tower3 and podium area beneath into 1014 apartment, retail and carpa more...
Distance: 27 meters
Map | Street view
FT407 33 Rose Lane
24 Apr 2018
Restaurant and cafe Licence
Distance: 40 meters
Map | Street view
G613 Lonsdale Street
19 Feb 2009
Demolition of existing buildings and construction of viewing deck with balustrade
13 Oct 2009
Buildings and works assoicated with a temporary display home / marketing suite use and erect temporary real estate (promotion) signs
Distance: 46 meters
Map | Street view
H612-622 Lonsdale Street
Registered as Victorian heritage
Distance: 49 meters
Map | Street view
I613-649 Lonsdale Street
10 Apr 1996
Erect a banner for three months
25 Mar 1997
Install one banner 4 x 4 m for one month
23 Apr 1997
Decontaminate the hatched area of buildings and demolish basement level
28 Aug 1997
Temporary theatre
21 Nov 1997
14 Feb 2008
19 Oct 2009
Partial demolition of existing buildings on the site and construction of four (4) towers between 31 and 50 storeys above a podium and construction of a 6 storey building at 613 Lonsdale Street for the purpose of residential apartments with ground flo
11 Mar 2011
Construction and display of temporary business identification signage
15 Dec 2011
Subdivision in stages in accordance with PS633275D - Stage 1
24 Jan 2012
Subdivision of the site into three `super-lots` in accordance with PS649171C
16 Jul 2012
Stage 2 Plan of Subdivision for Upper West Side development.
18 Jul 2012
Stage 1 plan of subdivision for Upper West Side development relating to podium and lower levels of tower1.
24 Oct 2012
Stage 1 plan of subdivision for Upper West Side development relating to podium and lower levels of tower1.
29 Aug 2013
Construct and display advertising signage
30 Oct 2013
Stage 3 of subdivision of PS633275D being tower 2 and podium precint beneath the upper west side
13 Aug 2014
Works for minor alterations to the façade and display of business identification signage at Tenancy 211T
23 Oct 2014
Two lot subdivision of PS633275D Stage 6
08 Jan 2015
Upper West Side Plan of Subdivision Stage 5. Subdivision of PS633275D
Distance: 61 meters
Map | Street view
J102T 609 Lonsdale Street
20 Apr 2018
Restaurant and cafe Licence
Distance: 60 meters
Map | Street view
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