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O'Connor Median Price
The House price is 5% lower than last year.
O'Connor Median Rent
The House rent is 5% lower than last year.
O'Connor property sold price
XPlannings near "47 Wattle Street, O'Connor"
A16 Belah Street
14 Sep 2017
PROPOSAL FOR NEW DWELLING AND SECONDARY RESIDENCE - Demolition of the existing dwelling and construction of a new two storey dwelling and a new single storey secondary residence, landscaping and associated works.
Distance: 242 meters
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B15 Belah Street
03 Dec 2020
PROPOSAL FOR MULTI UNIT DEVELOPMENT AND LEASE VARIATION - The construction of two single storey townhouses and one two story townhouse, with associated garages, carports, driveway works, parking, landscaping and associated works. Lease variation to a
Distance: 246 meters
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C37 Berrigan Crescent
06 Jul 2012
MULTI DWELLING - DEMOLITION - NEW DWELLINGS - LEASE VARIATION. Proposed demolition of existing two cottages and outbuildings and construction of a new three storey building containing 20 apartments and a basement carpark. LEASE VARIATION-Please see A
Distance: 264 meters
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D31 Berrigan Crescent
29 Jun 2017
LEASE VARIATION to permit a maximum of 12 dwellings.
Distance: 298 meters
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E25 Hovea Street
03 Nov 2017
PROPOSAL FOR DUAL OCCUPANCY - Construction of 2 new single storey dwellings, garages and associated works.
Distance: 323 meters
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F19 Waratah Street
04 Mar 2020
PROPOSAL FOR MULTI UNIT DEVELOPMENT - Demolition of dwelling and structures, construction of 2 new two storey dwellings, attached double garages, landscaping and associated works.
Distance: 304 meters
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G21 Wattle Street
11 Dec 2014
MULTI DWELLING-DEMOLITION-LEASE VARIATION. Proposed consolidation of three blocks and construction of multi unit apartment building with a basement car park and associated works.
Distance: 315 meters
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H23 Berrigan Crescent
27 Aug 2010
MULTI DWELLING-LEASE VARIATION-CONSOLIDATION-DEMOLITION-21 NEW UNITS. Proposed consolidation of the blocks and variation of the consolidated lease to permit multi unit housing for 21 dwellings; demolition of 3 existing detached houses; construction o
Distance: 371 meters
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I16 Berrigan Crescent
28 Jun 2012
MULTI DWELLING - LEASE VARIATION - DEMOLITION. Lease variation - Please see application form for details. Proposed demolition of two detached houses and the construction of a three storey building comprising of 16 residential units and basement carpa
Distance: 370 meters
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J5 Banjine Street
09 Jan 2010
Multiple Dwelling - Demolition - New Townhouses - Lease Variation. Demolition of two detached houses and construction of 12 townhouses. To consolidate the Crown leases and vary the resultant lease to permit a maximum of 12 dwellings.
Distance: 362 meters
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