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Hawthorn Median Price
The House price is 3% higher than last year.
Surrounding suburbs
Hawthorn East$2,485,000
Hawthorn Median Rent
The House rent is 7% higher than last year.
Hawthorn property sold price
Hawthorn 3122 Profile
XPlannings near "47 Chrystobel Crescent, Hawthorn"
A1/36 Lilydle Grove East
01 Dec 2019
Limited Licence - Renewable
B123 Riversdale Road
22 Aug 2021
Subdivision of land into three (3) lots in accordance with the previously approved development permit (Spear Ref: S159710S)
C14 Barton Street
17 May 2021
Buildings and works associated with an existing residential building in a Heritage Overlay
D19 Falmouth Street
09 Feb 2021
Demolition and construction of a new dwelling in a Heritage Overlay and on two lots less than 500 square metres
E19 Kinkora Road
16 Jun 2022
Construction of alterations to existing dwelling in a Heritage Overlay
F20 Riversdale Court
06 Jan 2021
(Secondary Consent and Plans for Endorsement) Construction of a new dwelling, fence and removal of vegetation on a lot in a Significant Landscape Overlay Schedule 1 and Design and Development Overlay Schedule 31
G201 Riversdale Road
07 Apr 2022
BYO Permit - Restaurant
H23 Kinkora Road
13 Jul 2019
Demolition and construction of a new dwelling in a Heritage Overlay
I27-31 Mary Street
22 May 2022
Subdivision of land into two (2) lots (Spear Ref: S193666C)
J3 7 Church Street
13 Apr 2019
Variation of category to Limited Licence - Renewable
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