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Ripponlea Median Price
The House price is 16% higher than last year.
Surrounding suburbs
St Kilda East$1,469,200
Ripponlea Median Rent
The House rent is 21% lower than last year.
Ripponlea property sold price
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XPlannings near "42/6 Glen Eira Road, Ripponlea"
A2 Glen Eira Road
05 Oct 2015
Installation of a roller door in the rear laneway for parking on the property.
05 Oct 2015
Relocation of existing gate on front fence.
Distance: 23 meters
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B4 Glen Eira Road
01 Sep 2019
The demolition of windows on the facade of the dwelling; and construction of double-glazed windows to the facade of the dwelling and construction of two (2) skylights Amended to allow the following: - increase the size of the loft
Distance: 27 meters
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C72 Brighton Road
06 Aug 1999
Change of Use to Medical Centre for two practitioners and dispensation for 4 car parking spaces minor alterations and additions to existing shed at the rear.
20 Jan 2000
To erect signage on the site.
14 May 2004
Dual occupancy - conversionof Medical Practice back as a dwelling and a two storey unit to the rear.
09 Sep 2011
erection and display of business identification signage
30 Jul 2013
partially demolish the rear portion of the existing heritage building; construct rear three-storey additions comprising three dwellings; alter access to/from a Road Zone Category 1 by increasing the width of the Glen Eira Rd crossover; and reduce the
19 Mar 2014
Widening an existing crossover
27 May 2016
4 Lot Subdivision with Common Property and Owners corporation
Distance: 45 meters
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D76 Brighton Road
28 Aug 2009
Alterations and additions to the existing dwelling including part demolition of the rear of the dwelling and construction of a single-storey extension
Distance: 49 meters
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E78 Brighton Road
01 Oct 2001
Painting of exterior walls
24 Feb 2014
External painting of the dwelling and front fence
Distance: 49 meters
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F80 Brighton Road
31 Oct 2001
Attach trellis to side boundary fence
22 Sep 2014
Partial demolition of rear, alterations and additions including construction of second storey
16 Oct 2015
Alterations and additions to existing residence including addition of a first floor.
Distance: 64 meters
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G1 Victoria Avenue
28 Jun 2001
Alterations and additions to the existing building including, partial demolition, construction of one additional residential unit, new crossover off Victoria Parade and associated car parking facilities.
08 Jul 2002
4 lot subdivision. PS 506071G
Distance: 71 meters
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H84 Brighton Road
26 Oct 2019
Alterations and additions to premises including business signage, painting external, new gate, fence and path, front porch and ramp & gable supports
Distance: 100 meters
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I70 Brighton Road
01 May 2007
the erection and display of two business identification signs
18 Mar 2008
the erection and display of two business identification signs and the erection of a 2 metre high bamboo privacy screen to the existing front fence
Distance: 71 meters
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J12 Maryville Street
11 Nov 2008
PS623985B Fourteen (14) lot subdivsion of an existing block of aparments and car parking spaces.
28 Jul 2014
To subdivide into 14 lots as per plan PS 728096 A
31 Jul 2014
14 lot subdivision PS728096A Spear ref: s051858B
Distance: 76 meters
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