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St Kilda Median Price
The House price is 27% lower than last year.
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Albert Park$2,106,200
St Kilda East$1,352,600
St Kilda Median Rent
The House rent is 1% higher than last year.
St Kilda property sold price
St Kilda 3182 Profile
XPlannings near "416/163-169 Inkerman Street, St Kilda"
A163-169 Inkerman Street
02 Sep 2002
Construction of a 5 level building and basement carpark and use as residential and office.
04 Dec 2003
Construction of a 5 level building and basement carpark for 59 dwellings and offices.
02 Nov 2005
PS517462D Sixty four (64) lot subdivision of a five storey building and basement car parking consisting of 59 dwellings and 5 offices.
28 Apr 2006
Section 32 of PS517462D. Plan re-subdivides lots 102 and 105 on PS517462D creating lots 102A and 105A.
Distance: 20 meters
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B171 Inkerman Street
19 Jan 2009
construction of a 4 storey building containing dwellings and basement along with reduction in parking provision
26 Jul 2011
PS 637030P 38 Lot Subdivision
Distance: 26 meters
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C303/171-173 Inkerman Street
19 Dec 2013
Extension of a dwelling comprising a louvered roof pergola
Distance: 34 meters
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D37 Henryville Street
31 Dec 2001
Single storey addition to rear of existing single storey dwelling
Distance: 53 meters
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E133 Inkerman Street
03 Jul 2015
We intend on changing the liquor selling area as outlined in the attached plan. The change is to standardise our current stores with recent applications. We do not intend to change the shelving layout at this stage.
Distance: 50 meters
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F135 Inkerman Street
28 Jun 2002
Development & use of 2 buildings (one 4-storey, one 5-storey) with basement & ground level carparking (135 spaces) for 98 dwellings, office & retail floorspace & dispensation of the car parking/loading bay requirements of the Port Phillip Planning Sc
10 Jun 2005
Amendments to the approved development and use of the land (for the purposes of 98 residential dwellings, retail and office floorspace in two buildings of four and five storeys and 135 car parking sapces) as follows: - increased retail and office flo
09 Sep 2005
Shop and residential apartments.
22 Sep 2005
Development and use of the land at 135 Inkerman Street, St Kilda for 2 buildings (one 4-storey, one 5-storey) with basement and ground level car parking (135 spaces) for 98 dwellings, office and retail floor space and dispensation of the car parking/
17 Oct 2005
To permit use of 45 residential apartments as approved pursuant to Permit 779/2002 as serviced apartments (residential hotel) generally in accordance with the endorsed plans.
13 Apr 2006
Erection of signage.
26 May 2006
Amend existing Planning Permit 779/2002/B to allow construction of open terraces previously setback 3m from the southern boundary to abut the southern boundary (wall on boundary 5.3m high above Pakington Street property ground level).
31 May 2006
Installation of business identification signage.
17 Jul 2006
PS527661Q 104 lot sudivision of 102 residential units and 2 commercial lots in three stages.
04 May 2007
PS 527661Q (Section 32) subdivision of common property No.1 to create additional lot A and Common Property.
05 Aug 2013
To waive the car parking and bicycle parking requirement for a restaurant and for the display of business identification signage
30 Dec 2014
Development and use of 2 buildings (one 4-storey, one 5-storey) with basement and ground level car parking (155 spaces) for 102 dwellings, office and retail floorspace, waiver of car parking for dwelling No. 313, 321 and 402, and dispensation of othe
Distance: 50 meters
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G1/126 Inkerman Street
11 Apr 2008
Construction of a ground floor extension (Unit 1)
Distance: 46 meters
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H126 Inkerman Street
31 Dec 2007
PS616452E Eleven (11) lot subdivision of eleven (11) existing dwellings and car parking spaces.
Distance: 46 meters
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I35 Henryville Street
31 Jul 2006
Alterations and additions to the existing dwelling including partial demolition and a single-storey rear extension.
Distance: 61 meters
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J175 Inkerman Street
24 Apr 2015
To use the site for the purpose of a Rooming House with 13 habitable rooms, including 7 bedrooms.
Distance: 54 meters
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