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Ripponlea Median Price
The House price is 16% higher than last year.
Surrounding suburbs
St Kilda East$1,469,200
Ripponlea Median Rent
The House rent is 21% lower than last year.
Ripponlea property sold price
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XPlannings near "36 Lyndon Street, Ripponlea"
A34 Lyndon Street
05 Dec 2011
Removal of Easement
09 Dec 2011
Removal of easement S019113C
25 Aug 2012
Removal of Easement
Distance: 18 meters
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B38 Lyndon Street
21 Aug 2003
Construction of additions comprising the construction of a laundry to rear of existing dwelling and construction of a carport in front setback.
Distance: 21 meters
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C40 Lyndon Street
20 Aug 2015
Reconstruct the front boundary fence to 1.95m; fence to be white, timber with 4 brick pillars supporting.
Distance: 24 meters
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D23 Erindale Avenue
12 Dec 2019
Partial demolition and alterations and additions to an existing dwelling including a single storey extension to the rear and front fence
Distance: 38 meters
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E19 Erindale Avenue
20 Sep 2001
To demolish the existing garage and construct a new garage and swimming pool.
01 Apr 2003
Buildings and works comprising a first floor addition (generally to the north side of the dwelling) and a solar hot water system and air conditioners to the rear.
Distance: 48 meters
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F17 Erindale Avenue
03 Jun 2011
partial demolition, alterations and additions at ground level to exising dwelling
21 Sep 2011
amend plans to delete carport and remove Condition 1 (f), relocate the secondary front fence as per Condition 1 (h) and relocate the shed behind so as not be visible with deletion of Condition 1 (h), notate the painting of the facade on the plans wit
Distance: 56 meters
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G28 Lyndon Street
09 Jan 2004
Alterations and double storey additions to dwelling and new rear garage.
14 Sep 2005
Alterations and additions to dwelling and new rear garage
Distance: 60 meters
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H27 Erindale Avenue
01 Jul 2003
Installation of 2 x 600L Water Tanks
Distance: 56 meters
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I26 Lyndon Street
09 Jul 2015
Alterations & Additions including demolition of the rear and construction of a single storey addition
Distance: 69 meters
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J7 Quat Quatta Avenue
21 Nov 2011
1.8m double brick fence, entry and garage gate.
Distance: 73 meters
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