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Port Melbourne Median Price
The House price is 8% lower than last year.
Surrounding suburbs
Albert Park$2,054,700
South Melbourne$1,414,900
West Melbourne$1,133,800
Port Melbourne Median Rent
The House rent is 1% higher than last year.
Port Melbourne property sold price
Port Melbourne 3207 Profile
XPlannings near "306/187 Graham Street, Port Melbourne"
A191 Graham Street
17 Feb 2000
Subdivision. PS 433526U
Distance: 12 meters
Map | Street view
B10GO/187-195 Graham Street
15 Oct 2012
buildings and works comprising the construction of a roller door
Distance: 16 meters
Map | Street view
C4GO/187-195 Graham Street
12 Jul 2012
replace a fixed window with an openable window
Distance: 16 meters
Map | Street view
D196 Graham Street
21 Nov 2012
Extension of the existing two storey building and the construction of two additional three storey dwellings to the rear and alterations to the access to a road in a Road Zone Category 1.
18 May 2016
A 3 lot building subdivison
Distance: 30 meters
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E190 Graham Street
21 Nov 2006
Establishment of three residential appartments & a photographic studio
06 Jun 2012
buildings and works comprising the construction of a security gate
Distance: 33 meters
Map | Street view
F2/190 Graham Street
05 Mar 2013
Construction of pergola at rooftop level over existing terrace
Distance: 33 meters
Map | Street view
G3/190 Graham Street
11 Dec 2006
Construction of a new window
Distance: 33 meters
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H4/190 Graham Street
03 May 2011
Rebuild first floor balcony to apartment 4 located on first floor - which has been issued with a building notice by CoPP Municipal Building Surveyor. A copy of the notice is attached for reference.
10 Jun 2014
Construct an extension to the existing dwelling by partially enclosing the existing first floor balcony
Distance: 33 meters
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I3 190 Graham Street
25 Sep 2018
Limited Licence - Renewable
Distance: 33 meters
Map | Street view
J115 Bay Street
18 Dec 2008
use of the land for the purpose of a nursery (retail premises) and a convenience restaurant (retail premises), alterations and additions to the existing building and a dispensation from car parking requirements
24 Aug 2009
Use of existing cafe for supply of liquor (on premises licence); increase patron numbers to allow additional 60 patrons seated in external area; car paking dispensation; increase trading hours
22 Oct 2009
Amend permit No. 1323/2008 to use the convinience restaurant to sell and consume liquor and extend the closing time of the convinience restaurant from 7pm Sunday to Thursday and 9pm Friday and Saturday to 11pm daily.
09 Dec 2013
display of internally illuminated business identification signage
15 Sep 2015
Transfer of Licence
22 Dec 2015
External & internal refurbishment of existing 'The Courthouse' restaurant
Distance: 43 meters
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