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Hawthorn Median Price
The House price is 8% lower than last year.
Surrounding suburbs
Hawthorn East$2,273,900
Hawthorn Median Rent
The House rent is 6% lower than last year.
Hawthorn property sold price
Hawthorn 3122 Profile
XPlannings near "3/84 Riversdale Road, Hawthorn"
A82 Riversdale Road
Registered as Victorian heritage
07 Jun 2007
Part demolition and construction of a fence in a Heritage Overlay. (Permit Delegated : 20/08/2007 by Delegated Authority)
01 Sep 2014
Part demolition and construct buildings and works to an existing dwelling in a Heritage Overlay. (Permit Delegated : 08/05/2015 by Delegated Authority)
Distance: 23 meters
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B539 Glenferrie Road
25 May 2011
Installation of a high wall sign. (Lapsed : 01/09/2011 by Delegated Authority)
Distance: 27 meters
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C85-85 Riversdale Road
06 Oct 2003
Buildings and works and a reduction in carparking associated with a change of use to restricted retailing. (Permit Delegated : 31/12/2003 by Delegated Authority)
Distance: 43 meters
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D535 Glenferrie Road
08 Jul 2014
Use of the land for the sale and consumption of liquor in association with an art gallery.
Distance: 31 meters
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E531 Glenferrie Road
30 Jun 2015
Use of the land as a tavern (wine bar) and sale and consumption of liquor.
03 Feb 2016
Construction of buildings and works in a Commercial 1 Zone (C1Z) and Design and Development Overlay (Schedule 16) (DDO16), and a reduction in car parking requirement.
Distance: 39 meters
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F87-89 Riversdale Road
30 Jan 2001
Restaurant Adds/Alts kitchen fit out & signage (Withdrawn : 30/01/2001 by Delegated Authority)
30 Jun 2003
Waive carparking in association with a shop. (No permit required : 31/08/2003 by Delegated Authority)
17 Aug 2005
Erect an advertising sign (retrospective). (Permit Delegated : 08/12/2005 by Delegated Authority)
Distance: 44 meters
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G125/81 Riversdale Road
30 Oct 2018
(VicSmart) Construction of Buildings and Works (concrete planter boxes)
Distance: 44 meters
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H81 Riversdale Road
21 May 2015
Preliminary Lodgement.
20 Aug 2017
Post RequestSale and consumption of liquor in association with a food and drink premises.
Distance: 44 meters
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I541 Glenferrie Road
13 Sep 2004
Construct buildings and works to an existing building and reduce the car parking requirement under clause 52.06 of the planning scheme in association with a restaurant. (Permit Delegated : 15/12/2004 by Delegated Authority)
Distance: 46 meters
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J93-95 Riversdale Road
11 Nov 1997
Shop Build'g & Works new shop front (Approved : 11/11/1997 by Delegated Authority)
17 Jan 2006
Sale and consumption of liquor in association with an on-premises liquor licence in conjunction with an existing restaurant (Permit Delegated : 28/04/2006 by Delegated Authority)
Distance: 49 meters
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