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South Melbourne Median Price
The House price is 14% lower than last year.
Surrounding suburbs
Albert Park$2,148,700
Port Melbourne$1,483,800
South Melbourne Median Rent
The House rent is 5% higher than last year.
South Melbourne property sold price
South Melbourne 3205 Profile
XPlannings near "2A/18 Albert Road, South Melbourne"
A20-22 Albert Road
25 Sep 2008
Installation of a back-up generator
08 Jul 2013
Change of use to use part of suite 3 level 5 20-22 Albert road as a registered radio school
26 Mar 2014
Application to replace the existing signage of Simons Homes with a new sign HAIRCHOICE .
Distance: 19 meters
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B1904/2-14 Albert Road
04 Nov 2009
extension to existing dwelling
22 Jun 2010
extension to existing dwelling
Distance: 32 meters
Map | Street view
C2-14 Albert Road
19 Feb 2001
Alterations to the commercial signage for existing hotel.
20 Mar 2002
Alterations & additions to existing Hotel building including development of six (6) additional floors (total of 20 floors) to provide 158 residential apartments & ancillary car parking & facilities, and partial dispensation from car parking
08 Sep 2003
Construction of elements of urban art sculpture, cantilevered canopy and louvered carpark screen wall to project beyond the title boundary, and revisions to front landscaping and outdoor areas
24 Dec 2003
PS501271A (STAGED SUBDIVISION)To develop and use the land for the purpose of a STAGED SUBDIVISION (155 lots)
Distance: 32 meters
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D1901/2-14 Albert Road
04 Nov 2009
construction of a conservatory to terrace of existing dwelling
12 May 2010
construction of a conservatory and additional bedroom
Distance: 29 meters
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E1902/2-14 Albert Road
04 Nov 2009
construction of a louvered shelter to terrace and extension of existing dwelling
12 Aug 2013
alterations and additions to an existing two-level apartment
30 Sep 2015
External flue.
Distance: 29 meters
Map | Street view
F1903/2-14 Albert Road
03 Oct 2012
installation of retractable awnings
Distance: 29 meters
Map | Street view
G4/24-26 Albert Road
18 Aug 2014
To subdivide in accordance with the attached plans.
20 Aug 2014
Section 32 (Strata Plan) Plan No. SP026847Q Spear Ref: S055435T
Distance: 43 meters
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H34 Albert Road
20 Nov 2007
Construction of a 13 storey office building (and basement), and dispensation from the car parking requirements contained within the Planning Scheme
13 Apr 2010
To develop and use the land for the purpose of construction of a 31 storey building for the purposes of dwellings, use of the land at ground and mezzannie levels for convenience shops, variation of the height and the setback requirements of the Desig
Distance: 67 meters
Map | Street view
I28 Albert Road
21 Jan 2016
Construction Of building and works for a building of 20 levels and 2 basement levels; use the land for dwellings; food and drink premises and an indoor recreation facility.
Distance: 61 meters
Map | Street view
J28-32 Albert Road
23 Dec 2010
Construction of a 28-storey building containing convenience restaurants and offices at ground level and dwellings on the upper levels, variation from the discretionary height and setback requirements of the Design & Development Overlay, dispensation
23 Sep 2014
The development and use of the land is for the construction of a 17 storey building containing food and drink premises at ground level, with 146 apartments at upper levels, including two basement levels; reduction in the car parking requirements and
23 Nov 2015
Construction of buildings and works, use of the land for dwellings and an indoor recreation facility, reduction in the statutory car parking requirements, waiver of the loading bay requirements and variation of easement E-1 in TP948355L.
01 Feb 2020
VCAT Appeal - Section 87A VCAT Ref - MCL P2458/2019
Distance: 61 meters
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