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Abbotsford Median Price
The House price is 6% higher than last year.
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Clifton Hill$1,367,400
Abbotsford Median Rent
The House rent is 2% lower than last year.
Abbotsford property sold price
Abbotsford 3067 Profile
XPlannings near "28/313 Victoria Street, Abbotsford"
A22/313 Victoria Street
14 Nov 2013
Use of the land as a restricted recreation facility (Gymnasium) operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the display of advertising signage and a reduction of associated bicycle parking requirements of the Yarra Planning Scheme.
17 Aug 2017
VIC SMART - Reduction in car parking
Distance: 3 meters
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B313-321 Victoria Street
19 Mar 2010
The desplay of business identification and illuminated business identification signs
Distance: 30 meters
Map | Street view
C323-325 Victoria
Registered as Victorian heritage
Distance: 25 meters
Map | Street view
D323 Victoria Street
23 Jul 2018
App.Online - Transfer of licence to Company
Distance: 29 meters
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E311A Victoria Street
24 Sep 2014
Sale and consumption of liquor and a reduction in the car parking and bicycle facilities requirements associated with the as of right use of the land as a restaurant.
08 Sep 2015
Limited Licence - Renewable
13 Oct 2015
Variation of category to On-Premises Licence
07 Apr 2019
Distance: 44 meters
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F311 Victoria Street
27 Aug 2015
Liquor Licence
28 Aug 2015
Limited Licence - Renewable
28 Aug 2015
Restaurant and cafe Licence
16 Jul 2018
Transfer of Licence
Distance: 46 meters
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G307 Victoria Street
20 Jun 2019
Buildings & works
Distance: 54 meters
Map | Street view
H309 Victoria Street
31 Aug 2015
Limited Licence - Renewable
Distance: 54 meters
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I301 Victoria Street
Registered as Victorian heritage
Distance: 71 meters
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J329-341 Victoria Street
24 Dec 2003
Construction of a six (6) storey building accommodating six (6) commercial tenancies at ground floor and forty-eight (48) residential dwellings above including basement carpark. The application to also incorporate a partial waiver of car parking requ
06 Dec 2011
Use of the site as a temporary car park and associated buildings and works
04 Nov 2015
Construction of a nine storey mixed use development for the purposes of 91 dwellings, ground floor retail tenancies, business identification signage and associated carparking
Distance: 68 meters
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