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Southbank Median Price
The Unit price is 3% higher than last year.
Surrounding suburbs
Port Melbourne$1,534,500
South Melbourne$1,511,900
Southbank Median Rent
The House rent is 13% lower than last year.
Southbank property sold price
Southbank 3006 Profile
XPlannings near "2707/1 Freshwater Place, Southbank"
A1 Queensbridge Square
17 Oct 2018
To transfer part of Lot 4801A to Lot 606 on PS504017Y and to create new Lots 4801B and 606A.
Distance: 33 meters
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B1-7 Queens Bridge Street
16 Jan 1995
Proposed new sign on top of parapet at existing hotel
02 May 1996
erection of an advertising sign
15 Jul 1999
Erection of a business sign
15 Sep 1999
Construction of a canopy to the facade of the existing building
17 Sep 1999
Construction of a security gate to the entrance of the basement car park
23 Nov 2001
Erection of a sign
07 Oct 2003
Increase in floor space
07 Sep 2006
Addition of a plant platform and alterations to existing fire escape
05 Dec 2006
Erect and paint business identification signs, install floodlights and paint facade
07 Jun 2007
Construction of buildings and works (and associated demolition) comprising development of two roof terraces for use in association with the existing premises
21 Sep 2009
Use of 50 electronic gaming machines in existing Hotel
02 Jun 2010
Installation of temporary business signage
03 Mar 2011
Erection of a sign less than 18m2 for 6 months with option to extend period
14 Oct 2011
Development of land, including demolition, associated works and the constriuction of a mixed use, high-rise building (DPCD application no. 2011/11626)
21 Jun 2012
Construction and display of a temporary promotion sign
11 Jun 2013
Demolition of existing buildings and the construction of a mixed use high rise building
15 Aug 2014
Works to the existing tramway
03 Sep 2014
Building and works associated with a new tram stop and associated advertising signage
Distance: 30 meters
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CLot S9 1 Freshwater Place
10 Jul 2006
12 Jul 2006
Distance: 49 meters
Map | Street view
D2206/1 Freshwater Place
26 Sep 2014
Concurrent Planning Permit and Certification Application in accordance with the attached Section 32
Distance: 52 meters
Map | Street view
E2 Queensbridge Square
22 Jul 2013
Transfer of Licence
07 Mar 2020
Variation of Licence
Distance: 59 meters
Map | Street view
FShop 2 Southbank Boulevard 17-23 Queensbridge Street
16 Aug 2013
Transfer of Licence
Distance: 75 meters
Map | Street view
GShop 6 Freshwater Place 17-23 Queensbridge Street
13 Aug 2014
Transfer of Licence
Distance: 75 meters
Map | Street view
HLevel 4 2 Southbank Boulevard
12 Jul 2016
Proposed part change of use from existing commercial building to Childcare Centre, including alterations to part of commercial building and displace of business identification signage
Distance: 65 meters
Map | Street view
I3 Freshwater Place
26 Oct 2016
Concurrent Planning and Certification Application in accordance with the attached Plan of Subdivisi more...
Distance: 65 meters
Map | Street view
JShop 5R 3 Freshwater Place
30 Aug 2007
Construction and display of internally illuminated business identification signage
Distance: 67 meters
Map | Street view
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