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St Kilda Median Price
The House price is 11% higher than last year.
Surrounding suburbs
Albert Park$2,149,700
St Kilda East$1,256,700
St Kilda Median Rent
The Unit rent is 4% higher than last year.
St Kilda property sold price
St Kilda 3182 Profile
XPlannings near "202/34 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda"
A34 Fitzroy Street
19 Feb 2018
Eight lot subdivision of existing building formerly the Gatwick Hotel
Distance: 0 meters
Map | Street view
B36 Fitzroy Street
28 Apr 1999
Subdivision PS 427173 M
Distance: 21 meters
Map | Street view
C1/32 Fitzroy Street
09 Dec 2002
demolition of part of the existing front fence and construction of new wrought iron fence and gate on front boundary
Distance: 24 meters
Map | Street view
D32 Fitzroy Street
28 Dec 2005
replacement of two (2) existing timber staircases abutting the west elevation of the existing building with two (2) new staircases
Distance: 24 meters
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E30 Fitzroy Street
11 Jan 2002
New 1.8 metre timber paling fence to rear property boundary (facing Westbeach Road)
Distance: 37 meters
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F38 Fitzroy Street
05 Nov 1999
Conversion of the front landscaped setback area to an open court and retail/cafe "pavillion" and to convert the 2 tenancies facing Fitzroy Street in the existing building to retail premises/office/cafe with office on 1st floor.
06 Nov 2000
New Steel Picket Fence.
Distance: 35 meters
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G63 Fitzroy Street
13 Dec 2016
To install one single sided illuminated electronic promotion sign on an existing bus shelter (stop ID 6546)
Distance: 67 meters
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H61C Fitzroy Street
21 Sep 2010
external painting
21 Sep 2010
alteration to existing pane glass window at first floor to install metal louvres
21 Sep 2010
construction and display of one business identification sign and two light box signs
02 Jul 2015
Endorsed Person - s80/81
18 Aug 2018
Transfer of Licence
Distance: 70 meters
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I61B Fitzroy Street
06 May 2013
The sale and consumption of liquor (restaurant and cafe licence) in association with an existing convenience restaurant
Distance: 73 meters
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J1/63-73 Fitzroy Street
12 Nov 2015
To allow sale of liquor at an existing shop.
Distance: 55 meters
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