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Launceston Median Price
The House price is 14% higher than last year.
Surrounding suburbs
South Launceston$477,600
West Launceston$554,700
Launceston Median Rent
The House rent is 16% higher than last year.
Launceston property sold price
XPlannings near "20 Elphin Road, Launceston"
A17-17A Elphin Road
16 Jul 2015
Residential - subdivision; subdivide land into 2 lots
Distance: 52 meters
Map | Street view
B26B Elphin Road
19 May 2021
Residential - Construction of a front fence (retrospective)
Distance: 75 meters
Map | Street view
C29 Elphin Road
21 Jul 2014
Residential - single dwelling; construction of an addition of deck, fencing and vegetation maintenance
Distance: 86 meters
Map | Street view
D17A Elphin Road
15 Jan 2018
Residential - single dwelling; demolish shed and ancillary structures, construction of a new dwelling and remove 7 trees, right of way access via 15-17 Cimitiere Street
Distance: 82 meters
Map | Street view
E17 Elphin Road
20 Sep 2019
Residential - Installation solar panels to dwelling roof
Distance: 82 meters
Map | Street view
F13 Elphin Road
14 Aug 2021
Residential - Construction of an outbuilding, including access via existing right of way over 39 Lawrence Street.
Distance: 99 meters
Map | Street view
G9-9A Elphin Road
01 Oct 2015
Residential - single dwelling; construction of alterations and additions to dwelling
Distance: 100 meters
Map | Street view
H28 Elphin Road
16 Jun 2017
Business and Professional Services and Visitor accommodation; change of use to dietician and weekend visitor accommodation
Distance: 99 meters
Map | Street view
I37 Elphin Road
12 May 2017
Residential - single dwelling; change of use of existing outbuilding to remote extension of existing residence & construction of decks
Distance: 107 meters
Map | Street view
J7 Elphin Road
18 Aug 2018
Residential - Construction of fences
Distance: 124 meters
Map | Street view
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