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Mount Waverley Median Price
The House price is 7% lower than last year.
Surrounding suburbs
Burwood East$980,500
Glen Waverley$1,341,800
Notting Hill$843,500
Oakleigh East$941,400
Mount Waverley Median Rent
The House rent is 6% higher than last year.
Mount Waverley property sold price
Mount Waverley 3149 Profile
XPlannings near "2/25 Mclaren Street, Mount Waverley"
A19 Halliday Street
09 Jun 2015
Development of two (2) double storey dwellings
01 Oct 2016
Two (2) Lot Subdivision and Removal of Carriageway Easement
Distance: 90 meters
Map | Street view
B76 Hillview Avenue
03 Mar 2016
Construction of two double storey dwellings
Distance: 137 meters
Map | Street view
C33 Donald Street
03 Mar 2016
Development of two dwellings and two lot subdivision
Distance: 132 meters
Map | Street view
D5 McLaren Street
20 Aug 2017
Construction of two (2) double storey dwellings on a lot
Distance: 171 meters
Map | Street view
E13 Donald Street
23 Sep 2015
Construction of two (2) double storey dwellings including associated car parking and landscaping
17 Jul 2017
Two lot subdivision
Distance: 149 meters
Map | Street view
F8A Mclaren Street
06 Jun 2018
Two Lot Subdivision
Distance: 163 meters
Map | Street view
G43 Howard Avenue
20 Oct 2015
Two lot subdivision
Distance: 211 meters
Map | Street view
H3 Tuhans Road
12 Oct 2016
Construction of two (2) double storey dwellings and a front fence
Distance: 271 meters
Map | Street view
I2 McLaren Street
21 May 2016
Development of three double storey dwellings
Distance: 213 meters
Map | Street view
J402 Huntingdale Road
10 Feb 2014
Buildings and works for construction of a multi-level residential development; reduction in visitor car parking requirments and alteration access to a Road Zone (Category 1)
Distance: 240 meters
Map | Street view
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