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West Melbourne Median Price
The House price is 1% higher than last year.
Surrounding suburbs
North Melbourne$1,131,700
Port Melbourne$1,499,700
West Melbourne Median Rent
The House rent is 3% higher than last year.
West Melbourne property sold price
West Melbourne 3003 Profile
XPlannings near "170 Stanley Street, West Melbourne"
A162-170 Stanley Street
21 Nov 1995
To use the building for motor vehicle detailing including windscreen tinting and installation of motor vehicle accessories
23 Jan 2003
Erection of a four storey , 25 residential apartment building and associated car parking
07 Nov 2003
Use premises for the storage of horse drawn carriages
08 Mar 2007
Construction of a four (4) storey building for use as ten (10) dwellings and a partial waiver of the car parking requirement.
12 Apr 2010
Proposed demolition of existing building in part and redevelopment of the shell for a four-storey building containing 14 apartments with associated carparking
27 Sep 2011
Construction a four storey building containing 14 dwellings.
20 Apr 2012
Construction a four storey building containing 14 dwellings.
30 Jul 2013
Units under construction
30 Jul 2013
Subdivision in accordance with PS637738R
Distance: 8 meters
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B172 Stanley Street
12 Apr 2012
Construction of third floor extension to office building, alterations to the facade and waiver of car parking requirements
Distance: 18 meters
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C154-160 Stanley Street
24 Jun 1997
Sale of motor vehicles
24 Sep 2003
Use building for car storage
Distance: 23 meters
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D174-176 Stanley Street
22 Sep 1997
alterations and two storey additions to existing warehouse and use as one residential dwelling with 2 car spaces
23 Oct 1997
erect a new three storey residence
29 Jul 1998
Alterations and three storey addition to the existing warhouse for the purpose of a dwelling
Distance: 27 meters
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E178 Stanley Street
27 Jun 2007
Construction of a forth floor sunroom with roof terrace
Distance: 32 meters
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F180 Stanley Street
03 Dec 2002
Two lot subdivision (2654)
Distance: 37 meters
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G127-153 Stanley Street
11 Oct 1999
Erection of two exhaust flues
17 Aug 2000
First floor additions to the existing panel beating shop
03 Jun 2004
Use premises as an office
Distance: 61 meters
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H182 Stanley Street
18 Jul 1997
2 lot subdivision
06 Mar 1998
Develop and use for three dwellings and office
29 Jul 1998
Alterations to the existing warehouse for a residence plus two(2) car spaces
08 Dec 2000
Construction of 2 three storey dwellings with roof decks on the existing vacant site and reduction in standard car parking requirement
Distance: 42 meters
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I171 Roden Street
22 Feb 2002
Alterations and additions to the existing dwelling including a second storey addition.
06 Jul 2007
Demolition of existing dwelling and construction of a double storey dwelling
04 Mar 2013
Construction of a new dwelling in a Mized Use Zone and Design and Development Overlay
Distance: 43 meters
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J148 Adderley Street
07 Oct 2002
Second storey addition to existing residence
Distance: 70 meters
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