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South Melbourne Median Price
The House price is 14% lower than last year.
Surrounding suburbs
Albert Park$2,148,700
Port Melbourne$1,483,800
South Melbourne Median Rent
The House rent is 5% higher than last year.
South Melbourne property sold price
South Melbourne 3205 Profile
XPlannings near "16 Martin Street, South Melbourne"
A16 Martin Street
15 Nov 2011
partial demolition and alterations and additions, including a ground floor addition
23 Nov 2011
partial demolition and buildings and works to replace windows and doors
24 Dec 2012
partial demolition, alterations and additions at basement, ground and first floor to existing dwelling and a car parking dispensation
Distance: 0 meters
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B5 James Service Place
05 Jul 2019
To subdivide into two lots as per attached plan
Distance: 21 meters
Map | Street view
Registered as Victorian heritage
21 Jul 2004
3 Lot subdivision PS 527870 F.
Distance: 22 meters
Map | Street view
D18 Ferrars Place
06 May 2004
Restoration of the front facade of the dwelling; demolition of single storey elements at the rear of the dwelling and erection of two storey element, including a first floor deck; and the erection of a two storey garage.
Distance: 21 meters
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E15 Ferrars Place
04 Dec 2001
Additions to existing dwelling & provision of new pool
Distance: 26 meters
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F17 Ferrars Place
17 Dec 2009
Partial demolition to construct two-storey alterations and additions to the existing dwelling, including external painting and facade alterations
Distance: 29 meters
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G20 Ferrars Place
07 Jun 2005
External painting and installation of a skylight in accordance with the endorsed plans and subject to the following conditions:
Distance: 33 meters
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H19 Ferrars Place
04 Sep 2014
Partial demolition and alterations and additions (at ground and first floor level) to the rear of an existing dwelling including construction of a garage with a first floor studio facing Martin Street
Distance: 35 meters
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I32 Martin Street
21 Aug 2013
Construction of deck in rear yard and trellis above existing masonry fence
Distance: 44 meters
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J21 Ferrars Place
20 Apr 2004
Alterations and additions to the existing dwelling including partial demolition, the construction of ground floor additions and new garage to the rear.
14 Feb 2012
partial demolition and construction of a single storey garage and associated vehicle crossing works abutting Martin Street
Distance: 45 meters
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