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Gungahlin Median Price
The House price is 5% higher than last year.
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Gungahlin Median Rent
The House rent is 2% higher than last year.
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XPlannings near "13/77 Gozzard Street, Gungahlin"
A77 Gozzard Street
20 Feb 2014
LEASE VARIATION. Please see the application form for full Lease Variation details.
02 May 2015
MIXED USE-COMMERCIAL-155 RESIDENTIAL UNITS-CONSOLIDATION-LEASE VARIATION. Proposed construction of new mixed use development including 2 commercial tenancies and 155 residential units with secure basement parking. Please see application form for desc
20 Dec 2017
PROPOSAL FOR ADDITIONS AND ALTERATION TO EXISTING COMMERCIAL FACILITY - Construction of mezzanine space in three commercial units and associated works.
Distance: 44 meters
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B81 Gozzard Street
21 Mar 2012
COMMERCIAL - NEW BUILDING - LEASE VARIATION. Proposed construction of a new 3 storey commercial building. For Lease Variation please see Application form.
Distance: 44 meters
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C92 Swain Street
25 Oct 2017
PROPOSAL FOR 5 STOREY MIXED USE COMMERCIAL AND RESIDENTIAL DEVELOPMENT AND LEASE VARIATION - Construction of mixed use development comprising of one 8 storey and one 18 storey mixed use buildings, with ground floor commercial space, 296 residential u
Distance: 97 meters
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D94 Swain Street
12 Aug 2015
LEASE VARIATION - Please see application form for a description.
Distance: 136 meters
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E100 Swain Street
11 Feb 2016
LEASE VARIATION-Please see application form for description.
Distance: 136 meters
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F2 Gribble Street
22 Oct 2019
LEASE VARIATION - To vary the lease by including a requirement for a noise management plan to be endorsed by EPA prior to the site being used for restaurant and indoor recreation facility.
Distance: 173 meters
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G47 Anthony Rolfe Avenue
08 Jan 2013
1.-Upper floor addition (3rd floor) to existing two story unit.
Distance: 155 meters
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H4 Gribble Street
18 Jan 2014
NON RESIDENTIAL-SIGNAGE-LEASE VARIATION. Proposed installation of pole signage; Subdivision of the site into 5 blocks.
02 Aug 2014
LEASE VARIATION - Please see application form for details of the lease variation.
05 Nov 2016
PROPOSAL FOR 18 STOREY MIXED USE COMMERCIAL AND RESIDENTIAL DEVELOPMENT - LEASE VARIATION - construction of mixed use development comprising of 170 residential apartments, ground floor commercial areas and associated works. Lease variation to permit
Distance: 180 meters
Map | Street view
I6 Gribble Street
24 Aug 2018
PROPOSAL FOR ALTERATIONS AND ADDITIONS TO EXISTING MIXED USE DEVELOPMENT AND LEASE VARIATION - partial demolition of the existing mixed use building, alterations to floor layout and faade to allow for additional units and associated works. Lease vari
Distance: 166 meters
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J23 Braggett Street
18 Dec 2012
MIXED USE - NEW THREE STOREY DWELLING - Construction of new three storey building containing commercial use to ground floor and two floors of single dwelling above with garage.
Distance: 193 meters
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