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Docklands Median Price
The House price is 57% lower than last year.
Surrounding suburbs
Port Melbourne$1,528,600
South Melbourne$1,489,600
West Melbourne$1,154,500
Docklands Median Rent
The Unit rent is 11% lower than last year.
Docklands property sold price
Docklands 3008 Profile
XPlannings near "1201/Caravel Lane, Docklands"
A375-381 Docklands Drive
17 Nov 2016
Proposed construction of multi-level, mixed use buidling and use as dwelling and food / drink premises
Distance: 60 meters
Map | Street view
B24 St Mangos Lane
14 Jan 2015
Limited Licence - Renewable
Distance: 57 meters
Map | Street view
C387-395 Docklands Drive
17 Apr 2018
Display of internally illuminated business identification signs (including panel, high wall, sky signs).
Distance: 61 meters
Map | Street view
D45 New Quay Promenade
09 Oct 2012
Variation of Licence
01 Aug 2014
Variation of Licence
Distance: 99 meters
Map | Street view
E36 Newquay Promenade
03 Feb 2019
Proposed shopfront alterations at Lot 14
Distance: 76 meters
Map | Street view
F36 Newquay Prom
17 Oct 2018
Restaurant and cafe Licence for a Company
Distance: 76 meters
Map | Street view
GTenancy 19 Aquitina Way New Quay
26 Feb 2018
Transfer of Licence
Distance: 76 meters
Map | Street view
HThe Arkley 16-32 Rakaia Way
02 Oct 2013
External painting of the building
24 Aug 2018
Proposed wall and ceiling painting and installation of one sink
Distance: 91 meters
Map | Street view
I380-394 Docklands Drive
09 Feb 2018
Convert lot S4 to Road (Anchor Lane) PS616049K/S4
Distance: 113 meters
Map | Street view
JTenancy 6 Arkley Promenade New Quay
19 May 2015
Transfer of Licence
Distance: 103 meters
Map | Street view
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