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Northcote Median Price
The House price is 2% lower than last year.
Surrounding suburbs
Brunswick East$1,291,500
Clifton Hill$1,504,700
Fitzroy North$1,539,400
Northcote Median Rent
The House rent is 9% higher than last year.
Northcote property sold price
Northcote 3070 Profile
XPlannings near "1/6 Pearl Street, Northcote"
A69-71 High Street
14 Apr 2015
A liquor license and a car parking reduction associated with a restaurant, as shown on the plans accompanying the application
Distance: 14510 km
Map | Street view
B60 James Street
18 Mar 2015
Proposed partial demolition and buildings and works comprising a single storey extension to the rear and side of an existing dwelling on land affected by the Heritage Overlay as shown on the plans accompanying the application.
Distance: 14510.6 km
Map | Street view
C13 Reid Street
20 Oct 2014
Amend the endorsed plans, including: - The deletion of the first floor lofts over the garages of each dwelling and the associated stairs; - The deletion of trellis to the north and south boundary fences; - The addition of east facing windows to the g
Distance: 14511.7 km
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D16 Aberdeen Grove
06 Feb 2015
Demolition of the existing dwelling and construction of a medium density housing development comprising two (2) double storey dwellings as shown on the plans accompanying the application.
Distance: 14510.2 km
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E7 Mc Lachlan Street
13 Oct 2014
A medium density housing development development comprising the construction of six (6) dwellings including two (2) double storey and four (4) triple storey dwellings on land in the Neighbourhood Residential Zone - Schedule 1 and in a Heritage Overla
Distance: 14509.7 km
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F22 Gadd Street
17 Apr 2015
Two lot subdivision.
Distance: 14511.2 km
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G9 Hayes Street
01 Apr 2015
3 lot subdivision
Distance: 14511.4 km
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H2A Gladstone Avenue
11 Mar 2015
Construct an extension to the existing dwelling on land in a Commercial 1 Zone and a reduction in the car parking requirement, as shown on the plans accompanying the application.
Distance: 14511.3 km
Map | Street view
I226 High Street
27 Mar 2015
Sale of liquor (Packaged Liquor Licence) as shown on the plans accompanying the application.
Distance: 14510.7 km
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J57 Charles Street
23 Apr 2015
Limited Licence - Renewable
Distance: 14510 km
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